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In the midst of a climate crisis, it’s crucial to question how our younger generations view their role in environmental conservation, activism and awareness, and how they implement greener values into their day-to-day lives. This research analyzes student perspectives on their role in environmentalism on their college campuses and if it’s changed through the Covid-19 pandemic. Additionally, this research questions how universities and higher education play a role in shaping these views and ideals among their student body. Through a series of interviews and surveys dispersed to students at both Binghamton University and SUNY Stony Brook, I will draw comparative conclusions regarding student views on their role in making a difference through environmental awareness and activism. This includes both day-to-day actions as well as involvement in campus initiatives, education, and promotion of these ideals. I will also investigate the impact that universities themselves have on these views through promotion of greener ideals, support for student led initiatives, and other influences. My results will demonstrate the level of awareness of environmental issues among college students, and if they have a willingness to address them and work towards change through both university and student led initiatives. My results could show if and how the Covid-19 pandemic has influenced student action in recent months. Overall, this study is important in analyzing how my generation values our planet and how they work towards and promote more eco-friendly values and lifestyles on their campuses.



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Student Environmental Conservation and Awareness on College Campuses