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Tobacco and nicotine exposures in the perinatal period continue to negatively impact the health of women and their families. This is of particular concern in Broome County, where 20% of women reported using tobacco at some point in their pregnancy. It is crucial that nurses have effective tools to intervene and address this health threat during routine care. The purpose of this study is to test the effectiveness of our newly developed postpartum educational video related to tobacco and nicotine exposure. This pre- post-test study is designed to measure changes in knowledge and self-efficacy after viewing the video in a postpartum hospital setting. These variables, along with demographics, nicotine use behaviors, and attitudes will be collected electronically, using a 22-item survey. The survey, video, and consent for participation will be delivered via iPad or iPhone using the Qualtrics Survey platform. After we provide an orientation to the study, postpartum nurses will recruit women and provide access to the intervention. Participants will include 25 women who are over the age of 18, fluent in English, and have delivered a baby during their current hospital stay. Nurses will be asked for feedback during and at the conclusion of the study as part of a process evaluation. This study will provide preliminary results related to the efficacy of the video and will also allow us to refine our methodology before conducting the study on a larger scale. The ultimate goal is that women who view this video will show increased quit rates related to nicotine use.



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Tobacco and Nicotine Use in the Perinatal Period: A Postpartum Video Intervention