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Technology and social media are a driving force within the present-day global society. Facts and figures can be spread to billions of people within minutes. Anyone can find a variety of information—both true and false—online with one simple click. With this rapid rise of the dominance of digital media comes a severe cost—an influx of disinformation campaigns in different forms. Although one may think that disinformation only appears in written works or visual images, the reality is that intentionally-modified videos are one of the most prevalent methods of disinformation attacks today. These altered videos, more commonly known as deep fakes, are one of the most damaging and misleading forms of disinformation. My research will focus on analyzing deep fakes of famous politicians, including American Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. I aim to provide insight into the spread of distinct deep fakes and their respective impacts on their naive consumers around the world. My study will focus on how the general public is constantly exposed to deep fakes on various social media platforms which results in their harmful belief of false narratives. My analysis will showcase how a deep fake’s online presence has lasting consequences on naive observers as seen through their massive global audience and how one’s perception of reality can be entirely skewed through one simple viewing.



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Digital Manipulation on Social Media: How Deep Fakes Have Transformed the Cyber World into a Complex Breeding Ground of Disinformation