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Scholarly studies of political communication and news media bias demonstrate a clear pattern of manipulated information in the news through bigoted narratives in order to cultivate particular perspectives in their audiences; this paper argues that this consistent framing of information has unintentionally created an information environment that makes its consumers more vulnerable to disinformation narratives. In order to demonstrate these dangerous framings, this study will examine the disinformation spread by the Trump campaign about voter fraud during the 2020 US presidential election and Fox News’ related segments. Fox News’ segments can be examined through news media bias frameworks that help to identify their manipulation of events that coincide with the disinformation spread by the Trump campaign and connect directly to the sentiments that incited the Capitol riot. Using these findings in tandem with the current trials surrounding the insurrection in the Capitol underscores the real-life consequences of news media bias in relation to disinformation. Understanding this direct relationship between traditional news media and disinformation narratives is essential to having a greater understanding of disinformation’s spread and how to combat it.



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How the Consumption of Biased Western News Media Creates Susceptibility to Disinformation