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There are many people at risk of lead-based paint exposure in Broome County, especially low-income families since they tend to live in older homes. This research project examines the question: how aware are residents in low-income areas of the resources available to ensure they are not at risk of exposure to lead-based paint? To answer this question data has been gathered from programs connected to the Broome County Health Department that provide resources to reduce environmental health issues in homes. I anticipate that the results will show that awareness of the resources available have increased over time with the increase of more response to the issue, however, awareness could be escalated even further by targeting low-income households directly. This study emphasizes the need to not only make resources available to people but also make people aware that they are there to help them. With this information, more effective results can come from these resources. The more people know about the resources available to prevent lead poisoning, the more low-income households can be protected from health issues.



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Analyzing the Awareness of the Resources Available to Protect Residents from Lead Exposure