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I am proposing to show my work as a costume designer for She Kills Monsters, a drama-comedy play by Qui Nguyen. The story is about Agnes Evans, who loses her parents and sister Tilly to a car accident. The sisters did not have a good relationship growing up and Agnes is trying to make-up for that by trying to get to know Tilly better by playing a Dungeons & Dragons module that Tilly had written. A costume designer is not only a designer of clothing, but also a researcher. When a script is handed to a costume designer, they first analyze the play and then analyze the characters. There is a great deal of psychology used in a costume designer’s work when trying to design for a certain character. The writer sometimes gives an idea as to what they want to see but even then it is up to the designer to figure out exactly what a character needs. There is a reason behind why we put on certain clothes everyday—weather, mood, to impress someone, or the answer could be as simple as a pile of dirty laundry. As the costume designer for She Kills Monsters, I have done research to create both the gaming world according to Dungeons & Dragons as well as the reality set in the 1990s. My poster presentation will show my designs and how I arrived at them through research and will also talk about the kind of research a costume designer does.



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Costume Design for She Kills Monsters