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With the introduction of COVID-19, disinformation relating to the pandemic has spread all over the world. From the origins and first cases detected and reported, to the treatment of COVID-19, disinformation has flooded the media and has hindered the general population's understanding of what is happening. When focusing on pro-Chinese campaigns, there has been a noticeable pattern of China’s attempt to flip the narrative surrounding the pandemic. With the initial outbreak found to have been from China, disinformation campaigns have attempted to change the narrative from China being victims of the virus, to being the strong and powerful country that the world needs to rely on during this time. China’s first target was Italy, who was hit hard by the virus. China took advantage of Italy’s weakness and the European Union's lack of support, to help amplify the new narrative that China has created. China provided information and supplies to Italy and other countries around the world, which tended to be defective, inaccurate or not up to general health and safety standards. China also pressured the E.U. to change an official report on the disinformation that China was spreading during the pandemic, causing a change in the wording of the E.U. claim of “global disinformation” to the removal of the claim entirely. China’s disinformation campaigns that attempted to reframe the narrative surrounding China’s role in the pandemic cause harm around the world, but the intent of China and the extent to which harm was caused has gone unnoticed.



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China’s Narrative Reframing Efforts Using Disinformation Campaigns During the COVID-19 Pandemic