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The high density of deep population on campus at Binghamton University and in its surrounding neighborhoods is causing problems for ecosystem health, driver safety, and insurers, among others. The lack of deer management is an example of the political process exacerbating an environmental problem. There are management strategies that are proven to be effective measures that those in authority could be applying to the problem. The problem is not that science has not figured out how to properly manage the deer population; the problem is that politics has not figured out how to apply the science. Through interviews with actors involved in both the science of and politics of ecosystem management, this research highlights the gap between science and politics, and hopes to gain external validity by examining potential solutions that both sides may support. With better policy directed toward a more scientific approach to deer population management, the population would decrease to the levels necessary for healthier forests, less deer vehicle collisions, and less claims for insurance companies.



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Deer Population Management