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Most of US counties implemented mask mandates policies in Jun and July 2020 to control the spread of Covid-19. These policies include resident and employee mask mandates. An event-based model during 20 weeks after implementing the policy is designed to evaluate the impact of Mask Mandate on Covid-19 confirmed cases, google mobility data and other five intervention policies are investigated in this study. Furthermore, US counties are stratified by US Census region and risk levels. Adoption for mask mandate did not show any statistically significant effect of using mask in West and Midwest regions. In the South region, results show no effect within first 10 weeks of implementation of the mask mandate. In the Northeast region, all counties mandated mask policy. So, we excluded this region. For different risks levels, 8 weeks after implementing mask policy is evaluated, similar trend is observed for all risk levels (Low, Medium, High-risk, Extreme and Critical) where no effect of using mask mandate during the study period.



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Impact of Mask Mandates on COVID-19 Outcomes