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This project analyzes the following question: how will climate change affect New York State’s (NYS) ability to maintain the apple and dairy industries, and how will this affect food security and the transportation of food? To answer this question, I broke my research into three parts. I first analyzed climate assessments and weather data for NYS to find any changes in temperature or weather patterns over time. I took note of increases in temperature, precipitation, and the likelihood of extreme weather events. Then, I analyzed the effects that a changing climate could have on the apple and dairy industries of NYS. I focused on changes in quantity produced, quality, and price. Finally, I analyzed the impact that the previously mentioned changes in agriculture could have on food security. Additionally, I examined the effects climate change has on infrastructure and transportation, which would affect how efficiently food gets from place to place. I found that average temperatures, precipitation, and the likelihood of extreme weather events are increasing in NYS, adversely affecting the quantity and quality of agriculture and affecting its ability to be transported from place to place. These changes to agriculture pose a threat to the four critical aspects of food security: availability of food, ease of purchasing or obtaining food, the nutritional value of food, and the ability to stabilize the three previously mentioned aspects. This project emphasizes the need for agriculture in NYS to adapt to a changing climate in order to achieve food security.



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Climate Change's Effects on New York State's Apple and Dairy Industries, and the Implications on Food Security