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The Republican Party of the 21st century has gained a reputation both as an advocate for conservative social roles and as a radical force intent on subverting liberal democratic institutions in favor of fanatical capitalism. This research shows how Republican ideology is a radical form of accelerated and unregulated capitalism focused on obscuring new ideas in the political sphere. To this end, Republicans utilize two strategies of gaining and maintaining political control. The first is to create and exploit crises to gain short-term power over legislative and executive institutions. These institutions are then used to exploit bodies meant to uphold a stable and inherently conservative political order. This is done to achieve long-term power without adequate democratic representation. Once power is achieved, Republicans then quickly pass measures to benefit capitalist entities, such as deregulation or tax cuts. This type of crisis politics is particularly reminiscent of capitalist economic functioning.



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A Party of Crisis: How the Republican Party is Developing Political Capitalism