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The proposed development for housing at Bunn Hill is in process in Vestal. The design would put the homes directly next to Nuthatch Hollow, which is west of Bunn Hill Road. Residents have endlessly voiced concerns for a variety of reasons, most notably the change from a Rural Residential (RR) district to a Planned Development District (PDD). Furthermore, Bunn Hill Creek serves as a vital source of protecting the watershed of Nuthatch Hollow. This research heightens how the development of Bunn Hill Road will affect the stream quality and the species that inhabit it. In advancing to see if building these homes are ethical, I constructed a sense of how current PDDs operate, like University Plaza, as Fuller Hollow Creek neighbors in this area through a comparison of the two creeks by an EPT Richness test and a pocket tester to find if development creates a negative impact on the environment.



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Planned Developmental Districts and its Consequences on the Surrounding Environment