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The influx of Binghamton University students moving into the Binghamton area has led to a housing problem. Landlords make the price of housing expensive because the students can afford it, but the non-students that live in Binghamton cannot afford it and struggle to afford housing. This study collected data through interviews with a representative of NoMa, the Stakeholders of Broome County, and the Binghamton Students’ Tenant Union. I made a survey that students living off-campus can fill out about their experience living downtown. I also used data collected by ResLife about student housing. I used research from scholarly articles about the housing crisis in Binghamton and Binghamton University’s impact on the housing crisis. I found that Binghamton University student’s living downtown are directly contributing to the housing crisis in Binghamton and that the amount of student’s living downtown has to be limited by the city of Binghamton and Binghamton University.



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Binghamton University's Effect on Housing Insecurity in Binghamton