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Binghamton is built in a floodplain, and in 2011 floods struck and hundreds of people were displaced. These floods have forced the issue of home security. Previous studies have noted the existence and growing need for affordable housing in Binghamton, yet they touch only briefly upon the effects that the floods have had. Government studies have lacked the connection between the floods and home security. The study looks directly at Riverside Drive and Vestal Parkway East, two flood areas without any further development. Looking through government statistics, speaking with non-profits, and analyzing data, there is a clear and present link between the housing crisis and the floods that happened. There are attempts of flood mitigation but they are not happening quickly enough to see to the housing crisis. The residents are long, but their struggle to find housing is not unique to them, as the flooding was.



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How did the Floods of 2011 Affect Areas south of Vestal Parkway and Riverside Drive Housing Costs?