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Out of the 64 Capitol Hill insurrectionists arrested from New York State, 17 were from New York City. This significant composition of urban insurrectionists contrasts with commonly held perceptions of the American far-right: poor, white, and rural. Thus, this shift comes as a surprise. What factors radicalize urban residents to the point of attempting to overthrow the U.S. government? From previous studies, it has been found that urban participants of far-right political violence tend to reside in impoverished communities prior to active participation. My study investigates the changes in racial, gender, and economic conditions within the communities of the NYC insurrectionists from the year of Donald Trump’s election, 2016, to 2020 that indicate alignment with far-right ideology formation. Through the analysis of socioeconomic data, answers will be revealed as to the reason for this demographic shift in participants of far-right political violence.



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NYC Goes Right: Socioeconomic Drivers for Urban January 6th Participants