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Nicotine use may be associated with risk of illicit drug use and lower mental wellbeing. However, this relationship among college students is unknown. The purpose of the study is to assess the relationship between nicotine use, illicit ADHD medication use, and the use of other specific psychoactive substances and mental health of college students. An anonymous survey was distributed online to several higher education institutions. About 700 participants self-reported on the use of ADHD medications, cannabis, nicotine, other psychoactive drugs, and mental distress. Data was analyzed using Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient in SPSS. Very frequent nicotine use was positively correlated with mental distress. Very frequent use was linked to Cannabis and LSD use in addition to unprescribed use of painkillers. Non frequent use was positively associated with use of psilocybin, ADHD medication, LSD, and sedatives. Nicotine users may be inclined to use psychoactive substances, which requires further research.



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Correlations Between Nicotine Usage, Mental Wellbeing, and Other Psychoactive Substances Among College Students