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Capitalism utilizes the misogynistic ideals present within the United States as a means to expand its power. Patterns of companies marking up items specifically targeted toward female-identifying people have become frighteningly prevalent. A brand of razors may charge more for a “women’s” razor than a “men’s” razor merely due to the complexities of the design. Because women tend to be more likely to purchase specific items such as makeup or nail polish, these items are also marked-up by these private corporations. The patriarchy, or specifically the male-identifying leaders of these corporations, set a standard for females to present themselves in a suitable manner. Thus, they are taught that there are certain products that are necessary to splurge on, no matter what the cost (literally). These corporations take advantage of this discriminatory system for every penny it’s worth. Capitalism (building off of essentialist ideas in American society) allows them to collect these profits and continue an unchecked cycle of exploitation and inequity.



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The Pink Tax: The Widespread Impact of Capitalism