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Research on young children’s creative thinking suggested that some of young children’s behaviors are antecedents to young children’s creative thinking and creativity. These behaviors include exploration (behaviors related to the approach to new situations), involvement and enjoyment (behaviors related to the creative process), and persistence (behaviors related to facing obstacles). Our current project focused on two of the creative thinking behaviors - flexibility and persistence. The literature suggested that flexibility was linked to divergent thinking and resulted in more creativity. On the other hand, persistence was connected to convergent thinking which is less creative. Our research investigated this theory. We utilized the Analyzing Children’s Creative Thinking (ACCT) framework to analyze children’s behaviors during play-making sessions in a K-2 school setting. Based on our preliminary findings, we proposed that both flexibility and persistence are important elements of children’s creative thinking.



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“I Don't Know How to Use This, But I Don't Care!” Exploring Flexibility and Persistence During Play-Making in K-2 Setting