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While football (soccer) is widely known for its captivating atmospheres and immense camaraderie, one must not be blinded to the sinister behavior of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) [International Federation of Association Football] in recent times, especially amid the sought-after World Cup, hosted in Qatar, involving massive projects made possible through irresistible sums of money. Capitalism operates as a double-edged sword being that it is more than capable of bringing about growth and prosperity while simultaneously producing social conflict and human degradation, which is often disregarded by the former. The power-hungry Gulf-state has prioritized enticing profits over the lives of migrant workers, many of whom were employed under unimaginable conditions and initially reeled in by the false potentiality of reliable, well-paying occupations. This research demonstrates how, within capitalism, the overwhelming demand for self-gratification, here via the entertainment of football and case-study of the World Cup, numbs us to inequity.



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How Does Capitalism Desensitize Us to the Suffering of Others?