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Capitalism is defined by the singular motive of profit production. But this profit comes with a price: the degradation of women, a degradation that sustains the profit, or “economic growth,” that capitalism needs to survive. This degradation of women is the root of female insecurities in our capitalist society, but in this environment who really cares about such insecurities so long as the economy is growing, that is, profit is expanding? This research illustrates how capitalism not only creates but also profits from women’s insecurities. This will be explored through the corporate use of media, including advertisements, television, models, and other related outlets. Conveniently, these insecurities can be “fixed” with the almost too perfect products that large corporations produce. These products consist of everything targeted toward women, including makeup, haircare, waist trainers, and dieting supplements, all of which fuel profit from the very insecurities they create.



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How Capitalism Creates and Profits from Women's Insecurities