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With the intent of discovering the relationship between health-related chronic diseases and food insecurity, this project attempts to correlate cardiovascular health, obesity, and type 2 diabetes with the lack of accessibility to nutritious, affordable food for adult residents on the North Side of Binghamton. National statistics are striking, and Binghamton is no exception. The apparent and detrimental functional limitation resulting from food insecurity draws upon critical issues of social inequality throughout the city, calling for necessary change and imperative initiatives. By developing a greater sense of understanding through several interviews with the CHOW and VINES organization and their executive members, analyses are developed and correlated to the variables in which these urban communities face. Questions that surface throughout this project regarding ethics, equality, and justice emphasize the magnitude to which food and health security play in a community.



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The Disproportionate Effect of Diet-Sensitive Chronic Diseases on Food Insecure Individuals in the Northern Tier of Binghamton