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The Northwestern Tier of New York is plagued by the past industrialization of the fracking industry. Anywhere west of Broome county, you are likely to find abandoned oil and fracking wells. Abandoned fracking wells are point sources for methane emissions with some estimations saying the unplugged wells, in a day, emit as much as the entire city of Buffalo's cars emit in a year. Because all wells in New York State are considered abandoned, there is legislation preventing the new installation of wells. This means that across the Western Tier, there are countless wells which lay unmanned and unplugged – constantly polluting into the environment around them. Our research project is the development of a method for the efficient location and classification of orphaned wells in the hard-to-navigate terrain of the Northeast. In creating a uniform method for locating and classifying, the orphaned well dilemma can be better managed.



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The Improvements and Advantages of Hybrid UAS Systems in the Detection of Metals and Other Anthropogenic Objects