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One major factor of George Bush’s tenure was the War on Terror, and the aftermath, specifically the controversy surrounding the Guantanamo Bay prison. Bush and his cabinet consistently gave speeches, public addresses, and generally put out public information denying the use of enhanced interrogation techniques, or more commonly known as torture. In this delivery of misinformation, the American public is led to believe that their government is imprisoning terrorists and handling them according to their crimes, when in reality that could not be further from the truth. The Department of Justice then issued memorandums that would lead to Bush’s justification of giving the order to use enhanced interrogation. This “advice,” given in the form of memorandums, blatantly denies every public piece of information given by George Bush. The differences between “public” and “private” information are vast, and truly expose the conditions of Guantanamo Bay.



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The Bush Administration and Guantanamo Bay: The Difference Between Public and Private Information