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Nutrient deficiency is a well-known factor of poor mental health functioning. The purpose of our study is to assess the relationship between consumption of supplements and overall mental health. An anonymous online survey was administered through Social Media (Instagram, Facebook) WhatsApp, Text Messages and GroupMe. The survey included basic demographic questions and questions on diet, nutrition, mindset, stress, resilience, and mental distress. More specifically, we questioned subjects on their overall supplementation habits. Pearson Correlation Coefficient was used to analyze data in SPSS version 25.0. Our results suggest there is an association between supplementation and neurobehaviors. This may be an indicator of supplementation as a salient solution to poor nutrition habits in the US, specifically in regard to effect on mental health. Certain supplementation exhibited more significant behavioral changes than others, which is a fascinating avenue for further research.



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Effects of Consumption of Vitamin Supplements on Mental Health