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This project uncovers the reality of solitary confinement as practiced in the United States Federal Prison System. Since the beginning of the nineteenth century- when confinement made its debut in America’s prison system, psychiatric research has consistently proven that complete isolation is severely dangerous. Regardless of if an isolated inmate had a preexisting mental illness or not, confinement leaves the mind vulnerable to a long list of possible, and highly probable, conditions ranging from chronic anxiety to complete psychosis. The link between psychological harm and solitary confinement is an established and recognized relationship among all associated fields, including law. Recently, there has been more legislature passed aiming to restrict the use of isolation. However, the practice is still in effect across the United States, and is therefore still severely harming affected inmates. My project aims to make clear that solitary confinement is torture and should be named unlawful.



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Solitary Confinement: Cruel and Unusual Punishment