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Electronic waste harms the environment and exposes individuals to hazardous materials. In order to lessen the effects of electronic waste, electronics can be repurposed to aid human health. Advanced biosensors can be created by using upcycled electronic waste, such as compact discs. This allows for products to be created without consuming energy and for a reduction in hazardous ways. Moreover, employing compact discs to create biosensors enables for the rapid production of electronic skin without the need for extensive training or microfabrication facilities. These biosensors can be created by harvesting the metal layers of current compact discs. To ensure that these metal layers perform efficiently as biosensors, the most effective strategy to harvest the layer while preserving continuity must be discovered by experimenting with various procedures. Researching solvents and methods of extraction can improve the efficiency of further research and perhaps industrial extraction in the future.



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Upcycling E-Waste to E-Skin