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College students’ lifestyle often contributes to a poor diet coupled with a high consumption of alcohol. Diet as well as alcohol are important factors that contribute to overall mood. This research aims to assess the association between diet quality, alcohol and mood. An anonymous online survey was administered through GroupMe, iMessage, YikYak, and swap survey. The survey included basic demographic questions and questions on food groups frequency consumption, alcohol consumption, and questions regarding overall mood. Pearsons’s Correlation Analysis was utilized using SPSS version 28.0. Our results suggest that there is a relationship between binge drinking, nutrition, and mood. A lower alcohol consumption and a higher nutritionally dense and varied diet results in a more positive mood. Educating college students on the importance of good nutrition, and dangers of high alcohol consumption can ultimately lead to detrimental effects on mood.



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Correlation Between Alcohol Consumption, a Nutritionally Dense Diet, and Mood