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Food insecurity (FI) affects nearly 800 million globally. This study investigated the underexplored relationships between FI, health-promoting activities (HPAs), and perceived stress. An anonymous online survey was administered and results were analyzed using Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient in SPSS Version 28.0. FI was negatively correlated with completing health care tasks (r= -0.136, p < 0.01), engaging in social activities both active (r=-0.213, p < 0.01) and not (r=-0.146, p < 0.01), and confidence coping with problems (r=-0.233, p < 0.01). FI was positively correlated with perceived stress (r=0.155, p < 0.01). These findings align with prior research and discuss possible mediation through stress mindset interventions and education of nutrition beyond Westernized diets. This study gives insights into the dynamics between FI, HPAs, and perceived stress, laying the groundwork for more robust longitudinal research to create a comprehensive understanding of FI relationships.



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Food Insecurity Associated with Increased Perceived Stress & Decreased Participation in Health Promoting Activities