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This study delves into the low-cost Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) system and its significance in fluid dynamics analysis. PIV, an essential flow visualization and measurement technique across multiple disciplines, often faces accessibility barriers due to its high cost. To address this, an affordable alternative was implemented utilizing microscopic tracer particles and cost-effective components including a lens, laser, water pump, and camera. This adaptation slashes the budget from thousands to mere hundreds of dollars. Leveraging open-source MATLAB software, videos capturing tracer particle movement in fluid, stirred by the water pump, to generate fluid velocity vector fields over time were processed. Additionally, tools such as Artificial Neural Networks for advanced data analysis were employed. These findings demonstrate the efficacy of this budget-friendly PIV system, with implications for fluid dynamics research and education, notably in data-driven model development.



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Innovative Low-cost PIV System for Fluid Dynamics Analysis