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With the recent release of accessible artificial intelligence (AI) models such as ChatGPT, AI chatbots have become potential sources of advice that people can use to assist in decision making. This study will examine trust in advice given by AI chatbots compared with advice from online message boards (e.g., Reddit) in a sample of Binghamton University students. Participants will answer questions about past life decisions and rate their trust in advice from chatbots and message boards for each decision type. This research hypothesizes that participants will value advice from online message boards over advice given by AI chatbots due to “algorithm aversion,” or a general distrust of artificial intelligence. We also expect the size of this effect to vary depending on the nature of the life decision (e.g., relationships vs. finances). The results will be used to inform future studies of people’s perceptions of AI advice.



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ChatGPT or Reddit? Probing People's Trust in Advice for Important Life Decisions