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Sleep plays an extremely important role in day to day functioning, contributing to improving cognitive, physical, and emotional health. Lifestyle choices such as caffeine intake and exercise frequency may influence sleep quality. This study intends to assess the relationship between caffeine consumption, sleep quality, and exercise. About 1360 individuals participated in an anonymous, self-reported survey including questions regarding sleep quality, caffeine consumption, and exercise. The questionnaire was generated on Google Forms and distributed via social media. Various negative correlations between caffeine consumption and quality sleep were detected. There are negative correlations between caffeine consumption with feeling refreshed after sleep and sleep duration (p<0.01). Additionally, there was a positive correlation between satisfaction with current sleep pattern and average weekly exercise (p<0.01). These findings suggest that increased caffeine consumption is associated with greater sleep disturbances and a reduction in exercise routine and performance.



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Caffeine Consumption, Sleep Quality and Exercise Among College Students