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Disposable face masks (DFMs) play an important preventive factor in the COVID-19 pandemic. The increased use of DFMs leads to the increased load of face mask litter in the environment. This study focuses on the effects of DFMs leachate on plants with a variety of DFM (traditional, black, leopard, camouflage, holiday, and rainbow) and conditions (new and used). The mortality, shoot size, number of visible leaves, average leaf size, total root length, number of roots, root convex area, and mass of the shoots and roots were collected. The data was analyzed using ANOVA, Kruskal-Wallis, and pairwise tests. There were no statistically significant differences in mortality between the groups, however, there were some statistically significant differences in other measures between types of DFMs and between the conditions of the traditional and black groups.



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The Impact of Improper Face Mask Disposal on the Early Growth and Development of Tomato Plants (Solanum lycopersicum)