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Dombey and Son (In Parts) by Charles Dickens is a nineteen-part novel that was released between 1846-1848 in England. Each section of the story is surrounded by advertisements. This makes it uniquely valuable for learning more about English society at the time as well as the growth of marketing. My research analyzes the various advertisements present in the pamphlets– especially medical and cosmetic. What are the possibly harmful effects of the unregulated medical advertisements? What do the cosmetic marketing campaigns say about beauty standards for women? How do these advertisements compare to those from the modern era? In the second part of my project, I delve into the lyrical advertisements commissioned by E. Moses and Son, and their possible interaction with British poet Alfred Tennyson. Ultimately, I reflect on the role of print sales campaigns in 1840s England and the cultural, social, and sometimes literary implications.



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Snake Pills and Angry Tennyson: A Deep Dive into the Advertising Network within Charles Dickens’ Dombey and Son