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Species are expanding their ranges in response to anthropogenic change. Neuroterus saltatorius is an oak gall wasp that is expanding its range poleward in North American western oak savannas. We aim to unravel intraspecific genetic variation in N. saltatorius along a latitudinal gradient, and in the native and expanded range to discern potential genetic differences in wasps collected from different locations, and to attempt to discern the source populations for the range-expanding populations. We performed DNA extraction, PCR amplification, and sequencing from N. saltatorius collected from sites along its range. Geneious prime was used to align sequences and create phylogenetic trees to create clades and discern potential genetic differences among populations. Anticipated outcomes may reveal source locations for range-expanding populations. Additionally, this study establishes a groundwork for future investigations, unveiling adaptive strategies in wasps amid environmental shifts.



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Intraspecific Variability in Neuroterus saltatorius Populations throughout its Range: Unveiling Dynamics of Anthropogenic-Driven Range Expansions