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Uncertainty is an essential part of the learning process in STEM; yet, less is known as to how parents with different careers support children’s learning through uncertainties. This study examined the kinds of uncertainties observed in children to determine if these uncertainties differ based on whether or not their parent(s) have a background in STEM. Parents with both STEM and non-STEM backgrounds were provided with kits consisting of instructions and materials that can be used to create engineering projects in their home environment. Video data recorded via Zoom of children and parents engaging with the engineering kits was analyzed to quantify children's uncertainties. We hypothesize that children of parents from non-STEM backgrounds will exhibit higher levels of uncertainty in tasks related to engineering. A deeper understanding of the uncertainties children face when tackling STEM challenges will provide insight on how to better support children's involvement and achievement in STEM.



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Exploring Children's Uncertainty with Engineering Kits: The Influence of Parental STEM Backgrounds