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Diet affects sleep quality and stress, with increased effects on individuals experiencing food insecurity (FI). However, there is limited research pertaining to sleep quality and diet in relation to FI. An anonymous online survey was distributed using several social media platforms. FI was negatively correlated with sleep quality (r = -0.201, p < 0.01). Perceived stress was negatively associated with sleep satisfaction (r = -0.335, p < 0.01) and positively associated with sleeping at a later time (r = 0.088, p < 0.01). Further, sleep satisfaction (r = 0.112, p < 0.01) and wakefulness (r = 0.084, p < 0.01) were positively correlated with fruit consumption. The results indicate that those who are food insecure are more likely to be unsatisfied with their sleep and have greater perceived stress. It also suggests that those who eat a diet of better quality are more likely to be satisfied with their sleep.



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Effects of Food Insecurity and Dietary Factors on Sleep Quality and Perceived Stress