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In the 5th century BCE, there was an influx of foreigners coming into Athens. While foreigners were welcomed to the polis, they were excluded in Athenian society. This paper will analyze the treatment of foreigners by the Athenians, as well as the differences in treatment between males and females. It will be focusing on Athenian law and the prejudice that foreigners have faced, with a special emphasis on women. With this emphasis, new hypotheses and conclusions can be made as to where modern feminist attitudes originated from and how they have persisted across time. Also, these interpretations will be drawn from modern theories, like feminist theory and critical race theory. Ultimately, this analysis will bring light to the roots of the Athenians’ actions towards foreigners. I believe that this analysis will bring in new comparisons, and even solutions, to modern day views of foreigners that are regarded as hostile.



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Selective Democracy: The Exclusion of Foreigners in Ancient Athens in the 5th Century BCE