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This research paper takes an in-depth analysis of Binghamton University students who utilize on-campus dining services and assesses their overall satisfaction with the options provided to them. Using a survey, students were asked a variety of questions to gain an overall understanding of whether or not they believe their nutritional needs are being met by Binghamton University. The results were that 78.4% of students said they had greater access to health-conscious food items at their home, and 94.6% of students agreed that the University is providing less than what they are capable of in terms of healthy food options. These findings indicate that the majority of students are dissatsified by the food options and their nutritional well-being is suffering because of this lack of healthy items. Through spreading awareness about the results, this increases advocacy for student well-being through providing greater access to nutritious dining options.



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Food for Thought; An In-depth Look at the Subpar Quality of Campus Food and the Detrimental Effects on Students