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Nutrition provides heavy implications for the function and behavior of college students. This study aimed to establish a relationship between diet choices and sleep satisfaction of college students. A total of 1,356 responses were collected from participants above the age of 18. An anonymous online survey was administered through social media and scheduled lecture times. The data was analyzed through the usage of Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient in SPSS version 25.0. The results of the survey indicate a positive correlation between consumption of whole grains and sleep satisfaction (p<0.01), flaxseed or other nuts (p<0.01), fruits (p<0.01), green leafy vegetables (p<0.01), and fish oil supplements and shellfish (p<0.05). Additionally, a negative correlation between the consumption of fast foods and sleep satisfaction (p<0.01), consumption of sugary foods and caffeine (p<0.05) was found. Our study suggests that consumption of a nutrition-rich diet may increase an individual's sleep satisfaction.



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Associations Between Nutrition, Eating Habits, and Sleep Satisfaction of College Students