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The T-Visa provides a route for victims of trafficking who want to stay in the United States. Complying with law enforcement is a necessary part of this visa application. A signed declaration from law enforcement supporting a victim by claiming that the victim has, is currently, or is likely to assist the police with any "reasonable request" is optional but greatly benefits an applicant. Previous research demonstrates that trafficking victims fear police, and that police are not always well-educated or sensitised to the tramautic experiences of victims. Police training in India has proved effective in improving the relationship between police and victims. Increased police education has helped to secure justice for many victims by increasing recognition of trafficking situations where the police can then take appropriate action. I will analyze how police are trained on trafficking, and compare the accounts of trafficking survivors on their view of law enforcement in India and the US. My findings indicate that law enforcement is essential in trafficking, as they are among the first resources involved with victims. Improving how police interact with victims, and how they are able to identify trafficking will lead to improved relations and increased justice over time.



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Trafficking and Uninformed Law Enforcement