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Background/Purpose: Vaping has rapidly gained popularity among the general public and may have a significant short- and long-term impacts on blood pressure. Purpose: To identify what is currently known about the impact of vaping on blood pressure. Methods: CINAHL, Medline, PubMed, and psychINFO were used to find relevant literature. Keywords were: (tobacco OR nicotine) AND (blood pressure) AND (vap* OR e-cigarette OR ENDS OR electronic cigarette). Delimitors included: English language, peer reviewed, and date range 2014-2019. Review articles were excluded. The initial search resulted in 53 records; five duplicates were removed, twenty-nine were eliminated because they did not evaluate cardiovascular outcomes of vaping, and eight were not included due to insufficient information on blood pressure. Results: Three themes were identified: (a) vaping increases blood pressure, (b) increases attributed to vaping are comparable to cigarettes, and (c) cardiovascular changes triggered by both vaping and cigarettes are due to nicotine. Conclusions & Implications: No studies in this review investigated how patterns of vaping behaviors impact cardiovascular changes. Further study in this area is necessary to fully understand the risk profile of vaping.



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The Cardiovascular Implications of Vaping: A Scoping Review