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Since 2002, the United States has transferred almost 800 men and boys to the detention center located in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. With little to no thought by the government as to how the detainees would be evaluated and potentially released, these people endured much torture, while some of them may have even been innocent. Due to the torture that occurs within the detention centers, in 2007, the Combatant Status Review Tribunals were established as a form of evaluating prisoners for potential release. Two years later, President Barack Obama, implemented two Executive Orders, to ban the CIA's detention authority and to restrict the CIA's interrogation techniques leading to the establishment of the Periodic Review Board. In this research report, I will be analyzing the ability of the boards to determine the fates of the detainees. It is questionable whether these groups should have such power due to the fact that they are not legal bodies. Specifically, I will be consulting and researching Mohamedou Slahi, a former detainee, and his experiences standing before the board. The tribunals and the people within them are fulfilling a quasi-legal function, and it is imperative that detainees have the right to a fair opportunity for release.



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Human Rights Research - Guantanamo Group - Ruling on the Fates of Detainees