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I plan to have children in about ten years. I do not know how many, but I would like that to be a decision I make with my future family without any limitations. Unfortunately, this may not be possible, because of the growing interest in the idea of population control to help with the climate crisis. Some scholars, like Sarah Conly, believe that population control should be implemented because it is harmful to some of our basic human rights. However, enacting population control infringes on three other basic rights: the rights of future generations, the right to a family, and women's reproductive rights. Anja Karnein, another scholar, argues that it's unfair for us to make decisions for future generations who aren't here to make decisions for themselves. In regard to the second and third rights, we are not legally allowed to limit a woman to having "X" amount of children. This paper will further discuss how population control violates these three rights, and how instead we should be focusing on environmental solutions for climate change. This topic is extremely relevant because, climate change is a problem that has become unavoidable, and will directly affect over 79% of the world population.



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Population Control=Not Controlling Climate Change