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I argue that in Plato's view the nature and existence of knowledge refutes Thrasymachus and that in employing the craft argument to this end Plato presupposes that 1) knowledge is always of Form, 2) knowledge, being, and power are united, and 3) the Good confers value upon being.


Edward Warren presented “Plato’s Refutation of Thrasymachus” at the meeting of the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy with the Pacific Division of the American Philosophical Association in San Francisco, March 21, 1985. A later version was published as “The Craft Argument: An Analogy?” in John P. Anton & Anthony Preus, eds. 1989. Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy, Vol. III: Plato, State University of New York Press, 101-116.

Edward Warren is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Classics at the University of California at San Diego.