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Ennead Vi.2 presents itself as Plotinus' official account of the structure of the second Hypostasis, i.e. Intellect (νοῦς) or Being, what corresponds in his metaphysical universe to Plato's realm of Ideas or Forms. Having refuted the Peripatetic and Stoic theories in VI.1, he turns to developing his own view of Being, which he intends to be in agreement with Plato's. Indeed, the account of the 'genera of being' that he give in VI.2 is closely modeled on Plato's discussion of the so-called 'greatest kinds' or megista gene in the Sophist.


Steven Strange presented "Plotinus on the Articulation of Being" at the meeting of the Society with the Eastern Division of the American Philosophical Association in Atlanta in 1989. Although Steven Strange published studies of the parts of the Enneads before and after VI.2, he does not seem to have published this article, so this is (probably) its first publication.