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I propose to examine on this occasion three closely related issues in the interpretation of Plato's metaphysics, the separation of Forms, participation, and the nature of particulars. In the compass of this talk, I cannot do justice to all three of these issues, indeed probably to none of them. A fortiori, I cannot do a semblance of justice to the closely related topics of predication, both ontological and linguistic; the status of Aristotle's remarks about Plato's metaphysics and his own treatment of these issues, or the vexing problem of the development of Plato’s thinking. Nonetheless, I cannot avoid these topics. So please regard the claims I stake about these matters as promissory. I hope to cash them later.


Allan Silverman presented “Some ways of being in Plato” to the Society at its meeting with the Eastern Division in New York in 1991. These comments are now integrated into his book The Dialectic of Essence: A Study of Plato’s Metaphysics. Princeton 2002.

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