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It is through an analysis of this passage that I can explain most clearly and directly a certain conception of the relation of mind to reality for which I also find evidence in other texts, in some of the characteristic aspects and themes of Parmenicles' poem, and which I consider philosophically and historically important.,


Eastern Division, Boston 1967

Alexander P.D. Mourelatos presented “Mind’s Commitment to the Real: Parmenides B8.34-41” at the Society's meeting with the Eastern division of the American Philosophical Association in Boston in 1967. A revised version was as chapter 7 of his book, The Route of Parmenides: A Study of Word, Image, and Argument in the Fragments, New Haven and London, Yale University Press, 1970; 2nd edition, revised and expanded, Las Vegas, Parmenides Publishing, 2008. It also appears in John P. Anton with George L. Kustas, edd., Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy, Vol. 1, New York, State University of New York Press, 1971, pp. 59-80. It has also appeared as ch. 7 in Modern Greek in the Greek edn. of ROUTE: Odhí tis ghnósis kye tis plánis: lóghos kye ikóna sta apospázmata tou Parmenídhi, transl. S. A. Moschonás, Iráklio, Panepistimiakyés Ekdhósis Krítis, 2002.

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