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I sketch the views of Pyrrho and Aenesidemus, as I understand them, indicating the differences between them, and between each of them and the view expressed in Outlines of Pyrrhonism. I shall then try to indicate how the transition between one view and the next might nonetheless have naturally taken place.


Richard Bett presented “What does Pyrrhonism have to do with Pyrrho?” to the Society at its meeting with the Pacific Division of the American Philosophical Association in Berkeley in 1997. A revised version was published as “What does Pyrrhonism have to do with Pyrrho?” in Ancient Skepticism and the Skeptical Tradition: Acta Philosophica Fennica 66 (2000), p. 11-33. It also forms part of the argument of his book Pyrrho, His Antecendents and his Legacy, Oxford 2000.

For information about the author see: Wikipedia “Richard Bett”