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Despite their reverence for Plato, the Neoplatonists tended to associate mathematics very closely with the sensible. I here discuss two issues frequently raised in Neoplatonic discussions of the category of quantity. Both concern disputes about the relation of priority between two concepts, in one case quantity and quality, in the other the discrete and continuous.


Ian Mueller presented "Neoplatonic Discussions" to the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy at its meeting with the Eastern Division of the American Philosophical Association in Boston in 1983. It has not been otherwise published, but bears a tangential relationship with his “Syrianus and the Concept of Mathematical Number,” in Gerard Bechtle & Dominic O’Meara, eds. La Philosophie des Mathematiques de l’Antiquite Tardive, Fribourg 2000.

The University of Chicago published a nice biography of him when he passed away: