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It is the contention of this paper that Aristotle's thought is relevant and suggestive for two of the most important present-day philosophical movements, the concern with language, and the concern with natural processes and their analysis. Aristotle can be viewed today as the outstanding functionalist of the Western tradition. Aristotle's philosophy is more than important, it is true.


John Herman Randall Jr. presented “The Functionalism and Dynamism of Aristotle” at the meeting of the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy with the American Philosophical Association in Burlington, 1959. It was not published as an article, but in the next year he published his well-known Aristotle, Columbia 1960.

Wikipedia has an article "John Herman Randall Jr." but it does not give very much attention to his work in the history of ancient Greek philosophy. Much more informative (and informed) is John Herman Randall Jr, In Memoriam, by Paul Oskar Kristeller, Ernest Nagel, Fritz Stern, James Gutmann and Richard H. Popkin. Journal of the History of Ideas Vol. 42, No. 3 (Jul. - Sep., 1981), pp. 489-501.